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Search for a burial record and view the grave location on the map for FREE. Or register for additional benefits.

The Limited Membership unleashes the power of the Internet. Communicate with others researching cemeteries, share information about a grave location, a headstone photograph, or an obituary. The Limited Membership is also the gateway to building your own cemetery maps, online!

The Complete Membership offers all the benefits of the Limited Membership plus the convenience of regular reminders of changes and additions to the burial database. Having the Complete Membership is like having a research assistant.

  Limited - FREE! Complete
Search for Cemetery Burials
View and Interact with Names In Stone
Upload Images for Attachments to a Burial Record
Discuss Burial Records with Other Users in Our Forum
Print Maps and Records
Build your own Cemetery Maps
Save a list of important search criteria (names, dates, etc.), and then receive an automatic e-mail notification when new records are added to the website that match this criteria
Flag records of interest, and then receive an automatic e-mail notification when these records change or are updated
Save a List of Cemeteries of Interest
Receive Discounts on Grave D├ęcor